Trubuild Walltect Topcoat

TRUBUILD WALLTECT TOPCOAT is a high-grade, arylic-based, single-component elastomeric durable waterproof exterior coating, which is made with selected and graded fine fillers, with biocides additive for exterior wall. It has excellent flexibility, breathability, water resistance, crack bridging, weathering durability and an excellent resistance to the growth of microorganisms.

Appearance In House Opaque, white
Solid (%) ASTM D1644-01 55±2
Elongation@120 µ (%) ASTM D 412-2016 ≥ 160
DFT (micron) 120
Tensile Strength (N/mm²) ASTM D 412-2016 ≥2
Density (gm/cc) 1.29±0.01
Pull of Adhesion, (mPa) ASTM D 4541:2017 ≥2
Water Absorption (%) ASTM D471:16a <10%
Carbon dioxide diffusion, air layer thickness (m) DIN EN 1062-6:202 >80
RCPT (Coulombs) ASTM C1202:2019 <2000
Water Penetration at 5 bar Pressure EN 12390-8:2019 Nil
Water Vapour Transmission (gm/sqmt./day) ASTM D 1653:13 >100
Fungi Resistance ASTM G 21-2015 Excellent
UV Resistance ASTM D 4587-2011 Excellent

Benefits of Trubuild Walltect Topcoat are -
Provides excellent waterproofing
UV resistance
Good breathability
Can be applied on damp surfaces
Doesn't require any additional protection
Can be tinted to obtain desired color
Excellent adhesion to the substrate
Fungal resistance
Excellent elongation and good crack bridging capacity
Good SRI value
Good anti-carbonation & chloride resistance

Trubuild Walltect Topcoat is available in the following packaging:

  • Facades
  • External walls
  • Masonry walls
  • Exterior RCC
  • Cement sand rendering

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