Trubuild BWP 222

Binder & Waterproofer
TRUBUILD BWP 222 (Binder & Waterproofer) is an acrylic co-polymer emulsion which is used as a bonding agent between new substrates and old substrates, and as a cement mortar modifier which gives an excellent bond to old and new concrete. If added in concrete, it increases the tensile and flexural strength and the life of concrete. If mixed with cement to make a slurry, it can be used as a waterproofing coating.

Physical State Visual Low Viscous Liquid
Appearance Visual Opaque
pH IS:9103-1999 7 to 8
Specific Gravity 1.01-1.03
% Solid IS:101 (P-8/S-6):1993 36-40%
Compressive Strength (1:3::cement:sand) with 10% dosing into it after 28 days ASTM C 579 30-40 N/mm2

Benefits of Trubuild BWP 222 are -
Free from chloride content
Single-component product and easy-to-use due to its low viscosity
It improves the strength as well as waterproofing capability of cement which ultimately increases durability as well as flexural strength of cement & cementitious compositions
It is compatible with all common cements and works as a dust proof sealer

Trubuild BWP 222 is available in the following packaging:
200 gm
500 gm
1 Kg
5 Kg
20 Kg
50 Kg

  • It is used for different concrete repair applications like spalled concrete, floor, columns, beams, slab & parapet, etc
  • It is also used as an additive for repair mortar which gives a bonding
  • It is also used for priming of re-enforced steel bars

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