Trubuild Stain Free Epoxy Grout

Polymeric Cement Based Tile Grout
TRUBUILD TILE GROUT is a three-component pre-packed epoxy grout which is specially designed for grouting of ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles and stones where staining is expected. It provides a stain free, chemical resistant and hard wearing tile joint.

Meets the requirement of EN 13888:2009, ISO 13007-4:2015 & ANSI 118.3:1999
Compressive Strength - Dry Clause 4.1 65.2
Compressive Strength – Freeze Thaw Clause 4.1 62.6
Flexural Strength - Dry Clause 4.1 32.4
Flexural Strength – Freeze Thaw Clause 4.1 30.1
Water Absorption after 240 min. Clause 4.2 0.01
Shrinkage, 24 Hrs Clause 4.3 Nil
Abrasion Resistance Clause 4.4 194
Chemical Resistance 20% NaOH, 24 Hrs. Clause 4.6 Resistant
Chemical Resistance 20% H2SO4, 24 Hrs Clause 4.6 Resistant

Benefits of Trubuild Stain Free Epoxy Grout are -
Stain free & easily cleaned
Easy to install and clean
Resists bacterial growth
Resistant to mild chemicals & acids
Non-cracking or powdering
Water cleanable when fresh
Available in a range of attractive colours

Trubuild Stain Free Epoxy Grout is available in the following packaging:
1 Kg
5 Kg

  • Bathrooms, fountains and swimming pools
  • Kitchens, cafeterias, restrooms, schools
  • Factories, workshops and warehouses
  • Pharma industry, hospitals & labs
  • Commercial & residential buildings

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