Trubuild WSL 334

Super Latex
Trubuild WSL 334 (Super Latex) is a ready-to-use styrene butadiene latex used for high-performance applications of repairs and waterproofing. It is used for repairing of old constructions like floor, beams slabs, etc. and waterproofing of toilets, kitchen, bathroom and terraces. It has excellent bonding strength for old to new concrete and to plaster.

Physical State Visual Low Viscous Liquid
Appearance Visual Opaque
Colour Visual Milky White
pH IS: 9103:1999 7 to 9
Specific Gravity 1.01 - 1.03
% Solid IS:101 (P-8/S-6):1993 42 - 44 %
Compressive Strength ASTM C 579 30-40 N/mm2

Benefits of Trubuild WSL 334 are -
Free from chloride content
Prevents corrosion
Single-component product and easy-to-use due to its low viscosity
It prevents cracking, improves hardness & flexural strength
It has excellent bonding on various substrates like concrete, masonry, stone work, plasters, etc.

Trubuild WSL 334 is available in the following packaging:
200 gm
500 gm
1 Kg
5 Kg
10 Kg
20 Kg

  • It is used for different concrete repair applications like spalled concrete, stone work, plaster, etc.
  • It is also used for waterproofing of toilets, kitchen, bathroom and terraces to prevent leakage and dampness
  • It is used as a bond coat and for bonding plaster to plaster, concrete to concrete, plaster to concrete, masonry to stone work for plastering over brick masonry
  • It is for repairs of plaster cracks more than 5 mm in gaps of masonry and RCC substrate
  • It is used to coat rebar which prevents corrosion

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