Trubuild Aqualock Flexi

TRUBUILD AQUALOCK FLEXI is a two-component, acrylic-modified, high-performance, elastomeric, cementitious, waterproofing membrane coating particularly designed for concrete and masonry surface. The powder Part B is mixed with high build polymer liquid Part A. It forms a flexible and seamless waterproof membrane which acts as an excellent water barrier for concrete and masonry surface. This can be used for both positive and negative side waterproofing due to its high resistance to hydrostatic pressure. It also provides lasting protection against efflorescence.

Mixing Ratio (By weight) 1:1.4 (Part A liquid : Part B powder)
Set to Touch Time at 25- 27°C (min.) ASTM D1640:2018 45
Adhesion to concrete after 7 Days(mPa) ASTM D 4541:2017 ≥1
Elongation at Break (%) ASTM D 412:2016 >150
Crack Bridging Ability (mm) EN 1062-7:2004 Upto 2
Food Grade Certification CFTRI certification, USFDA 175:300 Pass
Toxicity IS 6582:1972 Non -Toxic
Water Penetration at 5 bar pressure EN12390-8:2019 NIL
Negative Permeability ASTM D-7088:2017 Upto 4 Bar
Anti-Efflorescence SS-500:2015 Pass

Benefits of Trubuild Aqualock Flexi are -
Easily applied by brush
Flexible coating
Excellent adhesion to concrete and masonry substrates
CFTRI approved hence non-toxic
Environmentally friendly - free Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)
Can withstand 5 bar positive and 4 bar negative water pressure

Trubuild Aqualock Flexi is available in the following packaging:
12 Kg (5kg+7kg)
48 Kg (20kg + 28kg)

  • Concrete roofs, parking decks, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, balconies and planter box, etc.
  • Swimming pools, water tanks and reservoirs, etc.
  • Concrete foundations, basement walls, lift pits, etc.

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