Trubuild CPS 111

Concrete Porosity Sealer
TRUBUILD CPS 111 (Concrete Porosity Sealer) is an integral waterproofing compound specially designed to provide waterproofing to cement concrete, mortars, and plasters. It gives cohesive properties of cement, resulting in effective waterproofing and protection of reinforced steel against corrosion.

Physical State Low Viscous Liquid
Appearance Transparent
pH >9
Specific Gravity 1.03-1.05
Setting Time IS: 2645: 2003 30-600 min
Water Permeability IS: 2645: 2003 Pass
Compressive Strength IS: 2645: 2003 As per the standard

Benefits of Trubuild CPS 111 are -
Reduces the permeability of water to concrete, hence providing excellent waterproofing and also protecting reinforced steel bars against corrosion
Single component product and easy to use due to its low viscosity
It improves workability of freshly mixed concrete and increases durability of concrete without affecting the strength of concrete

Trubuild CPS 111 is available in the following packaging:
200 ml
500 ml
1 L
5 L
10 L
20 L
50 L
200 L

  • Trubuild CPS is used for waterproofing cement-sand mortar used in the construction of roof slabs, bathrooms, drains, basements, water tanks, etc.

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