Trubuild Tile Adhesive TA 220 Plus Grey

TRUBUILD TILE ADHESIVE TA 220 Plus Grey is a single-component, ready-to-use, polymer modified, cement-based grey tile adhesive for fixing ceramic, clay, terracotta, brick, query tiles, vitrified/fully vitrified tiles, glass mosaic tiles, terrazzo, all stones on floors/walls in interiors, and exterior covered floor, in dry and wet areas. It should be applied on a fully cured and sound cementitious substrate.

Appearance Grey
Mixing Ratio (water/powder), by weight w/p=0.22, by weight & 4.2-4.4 L per 20 kg bag
Coverage Approx. 50-65 sqft./20 kg at m^{3} thickness (will depend upon the surface)
Initial Setting/Trafficable/Grouting time Min. 24 Hr
Curing Time 14 days at 30°C-70% overall strength achieved
Open Time, minutes 30
Tensile Adhesion (N/mm^{2} )
a) Dry Condition 1.17
b) Wet Condition 1.08
Shear Adhesion (N/mm^{2} )
a) Dry Condition 1.39
b) Wet Condition 1.11
c) Heat Ageing 1.42
Adjustment Time, minutes 35
Slip (mm) <0.5 mm
Pot Life (minutes) 120
Mix Density (gm/cc) Approx. 1444

Benefits of Trubuild Tile Adhesive TA 220 Plus Grey are -
Ready-to-use and only on-site mixing with water is required has self-curing property with extended open time It has a quality of excellent adhesion with slip-resistance properties

Trubuild Tile Adhesive TA 220 Plus Grey is available in the following packaging:
20 Kg

  • Adhesive for fixing large format tiles in interior wall/floor, and exterior
    covered floor, and can be used in dry and wet areas.
  • Recommended for tile size greater than 300mm x 300mm and up to
    600mm x 600mm

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