Trubuild Tile Grout

Tile Grout
TRUBUILD TILE GROUT is a polymeric cement-based tile grout which is specially designed to create non-shrink and waterproof tile joints. It can be used for grouting of ceramics, mosaic, natural stones, marbles, etc.

Mixing Ratio By volume approx. 2.5: 1 (powder : water)
Mix Density 1.75±0.02
Open Time Approx. 30 minutes at 25°C
Setting Time Approx. 8 hrs at 25°C
Trafficable Time 24 hrs (max.)
Curing Time 14 days at 30°C
Compressive Strength (ASTM C579) Approx. 16 N/mm2(after 28 days)
Shear Strength 6-8 KN
Flexural Strength (ASTM C580) 3.0 N/mm2 (after 28 days)

Benefits of Trubuild Tile Grout are -
Ready-to-use and only on-site mixing with water required
Can be used for both interior & external applications
Can be used for filling upto
5 mm grout width
Available in various colours
Gives non-shrink, water resistant & UV resistant grouting results

Trubuild Tile Grout is available in the following packaging:
500 gm
1 Kg

  • Used for grouting all types of ceramic tiles, marbles & natural stones for internal & external areas
  • Due to water-repellence it can be used for submerged grouting application’s like bathroom, toilet, kitchen, fountain & swimming pool

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