Trubuild Sealmaster Flexi

Trubuild Sealmaster Flexi is a high-quality, single-component elastic joint sealant based on MS-Polymer. Once applied, the compound reacts with atmospheric moisture to form a tough and durable elastic seal.

Physical State Viscous paste
Appearance Opaque
Colour White, black, grey
Density (gm/cc) 1.35-1.50
Tensile Strength (mPa) ASTM D 412: 2016 2.14
Elongation (%) ASTM D 412: 2016 > 500
Shore A ASTM D 2240: 2015 34
MAF ASTM C 719: 2014 ±50 %
Depth Cure Approx.1-2mm/ day
Effects of Heat Ageing ASTM C 1246:2017 No cracking and chalking
Stain and Colour Change ASTM C 510:2016 No staining and no colour change
Tack Free ASTM C 679:2015 No transfer of test specimen to the polythene film @ 72 hrs
Adhesion-In-Peel Strength (N) ASTM C 794:2018 74.2 N (cohesive failure within the sealant and no adhesive bond loss b/w adhesive and substrate)

Benefits of Trubuild Sealmaster Flexi are -
High adhesive strength on most substrates
Superior mechanical properties
Permanently elastic after cure
UV resistant
Excellent weather resistance
Can be painted
Does not contain isocyanates, hence safe

Trubuild Sealmaster Flexi is available in the following packaging:
600 ml

  • For gap filling
  • Sealing control and expansion joint
  • Bonding of metals, glass, ceramics

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