Trubuild Rooftect Advanced

Pu Acrylate Waterproof Coating For Roofs
TRUBUILD ROOFTECT ADVANCED is a single-component, waterproofing system with a unique PU acrylate-based formulation, which provides excellent barrier against water and heat. It forms a seamless waterproofing membrane, which has excellent elongation with good crack bridging capacity, excellent reflectance properties. Hence, it forms exceptional waterproofing coating system with good durability.

Solid Content (%) ASTM D 1644:01 60±2
Density (gm/cc) ASTMD D 1475:13 1.26±0.01
Elongation (%) ASTM D 412:2016 ≥220
Tensile Strength (mPa) ASTM D 412:2016 ≥2
Crack Bridging (mm) EN 1062-7:2004 Upto 2
Pull of Adhesion (mPa) ASTM D 4541:2017 ≥2
Water Absorbtion (%) ASTM D 471:16a < 7
Water Vapour Transmition (gm/m²/24 hrs) ASTM D 1653:13 110
DFT, microns 450 – 500
SRI ASTM E 1980-19, EN 12898:2019, EN 673:2011 & EN 410:2011 107
UV Resistance ASTM D4587 Excellent

Benefits of Trubuild Rooftect Advanced are -
Single component
Excellent water resistance
UV resistance
Good breathability
Doesn't require any additional protection
Excellent adhesion to the substrate
Water based hence eco friendly
Excellent elongation & good crack bridging capacity
Reduces surface temperature by 10°C

Trubuild Rooftect Advanced is available in the following packaging:

  • Brick bat coba
  • Sloppy roof/ flat roof
  • Cement, mortar, screed, china mosaic & tile roofs
  • For miscellaneous surfaces, contact Trubuild technical team

Note – For china mosaic and other roof tiles use Trubuild Primesure Premium

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