Trubuild Aqualock

TRUBUILD AQUALOCK is a two-component, acrylic-modified, flexible, cementitious waterproofing membrane coating particularly designed for concrete and masonry surface, which is supplied in a ready-to-mix kit (two parts). When the powder part is mixed with acrylic-modified emulsion and applied, it becomes a flexible and seamless waterproofing membrane and acts as an excellent water barrier to concrete and masonry surface

Mixing Ratio (By weight) 1:2 (Part A liquid : Part B powder)
Bulk Density of Powder In House 1.6 – 1.8
Mixed Density Of Wet Mix, gm/ml In House 1.7 – 1.80
Set to Touch Time at 25°C In House 45 min.
Water Absorption In House < 6 %
Adhesion to concrete after 7 Days ASTM D 4541 ≥ 1 mPa
Positive Hydrostatic Pressure EN-12390 Part-8 Pass
Tensile Strength – on casting ASTM D 638 0.4 N/mm2
Elongation at Break (%) ASTM D 638 Min. 60%
Crack Bridging Upto 1 mm
WFT* ( 2 Coats ) ISO 2808 1000 - 1200 micron
DFT* ( 2 Coats ) ISO 2808 800 - 1000 micron

Benefits of Trubuild Aqualock are -
Quick drying
Easily applied by brush or trowel
Excellent adhesion to concrete and masonry substrates
Non-toxic substances
Environmentally friendly - free form Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
Can be applied on damp surface
Can withstand positive hydrostatic pressure upto 5 bar and negative hydrostatic pressure upto 3 bar

Trubuild Aqualock is available in the following packaging:
3 Kg
15 Kg
90 Kg

  • Concealed roofs, parking decks, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, balconies and planters
  • Swimming pools, water tanks and reservoirs
  • Concrete foundations, basements wall and lift pits
  • Any other concrete, cement or masonry surface subject to damage from moisture

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