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Astral Trubuild :
Redefining Building Excellence

In an industry where innovation is the cornerstone of progress, Astral goes beyond the norm. We stand as a symbol of trust and quality, shaping the industry for over 25 years with pioneering innovation and exceptional service. As a prominent figure in India’s building materials industry, we take pride in enhancing countless homes and projects leaving a lasting impact.

Amidst the ever-shifting architectural horizon, our commitment is to stride forth with unwavering foresight. Anticipating the dynamic demands of the construction realm, we proudly introduce Trubuild – an innovation stemming from Astral’s esteemed legacy. As a trailblazing force in waterproofing, tiling, and construction chemicals, Trubuild stands poised to redefine industry standards, transcending the ordinary and setting a new echelon of excellence.

Building with Certainty

In the realm of real estate, water seepage poses a perennial challenge, leading to issues like mold, structural damage, and compromised aesthetics. Such problems not only risk health but also escalate maintenance costs. Proactive waterproofing is vital to prevent these, upholding safety, structural integrity, and beauty.

Ordinary tile adhesives and grouting worsen matters further, causing loosened tiles, gaps, and water infiltration, undermining appearance, hygiene, and structure. Swift, reliable solutions are essential to ensure durability and a pleasing environment. Astral Trubuild embodies a 25-year legacy of excellence, offering a range that reflects our commitment to top-notch quality and unmatched reliability in waterproofing.

Trusted Quality

Our brand is renowned for its unwavering commitment to product excellence.

Curated Solutions

Our solutions epitomize the core principles of protection and performance.


Continual innovation to deliver best-in-class products.

Manufacturing Facilities

An assurance of quality,
A symbol of trust

Our products epitomize quality, performance, and trust. Our range includes advanced waterproofing, tiling, and grouting solutions for every surface. Recognizing water's threat, especially in moisture-prone areas, Astral innovates to fortify surfaces and ensure lasting structures. Our waterproofing materials yield swift, enduring results, enhancing resilience. Moreover, our tile adhesives endure diverse weather, crucial in rain-soaked regions like India.

Committed to safeguarding and durability, Astral Trubuild empowers you to craft secure, water-resistant structures. Choose us for a real estate project that defies time.

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