Trubuild CFP 425

Crack Filler Paste
Trubuild CFP 425 is composed of high-quality, weather-durable acrylic emulsion polymer with properly selected graded fillers, light-fast pigment, and additives. It is a single-pack, ready-to-use flexible putty for filling the cracks in plastered surfaces because it has excellent bonding, ease of application, water resistance, aesthetic appearance, and durability.

Appearance Visual Smooth & Thick Paste
Consistency Visual Viscous Paste
Colour Visual White
Service Temperature 5 to 50 degree
Pot Life ISO 13007-3-2010 15
Density ASTM D 1475-2013 1.67
Tack Free Time ASTM C 679-2015 45
Dry Shrinkage ASTM C 157-2017 0.003
Pull off Adhesion ASTM D 7234-2021 0.72
Water Absorption @ 15 min Karsten Tube Nil
Water Absorption @ 30 min Karsten Tube Nil
Water Absorption @ 60 min Karsten Tube Nil
Water Absorption @ 4 hrs Karsten Tube Nil
UV Exposure – 500 hrs No Colour Change

Benefits of Trubuild CFP 425 are -
Consistency - Paste form, without sagging
Ease of application - easy-to-apply by putty knife similar to conventional putties
Flexibility - Flexible, therefore does not crack & accommodates minor movements in cracks
VOC - Water based with very low voc hence eco-friendly
Application advantage - Can be applied on damp surfaces but not on cracks with running water
Paintability - Overcoatable by any type of polymer-based paints, after 24 hours
Bonding - Excellent adhesion with cementitious surface
Durability – Excellent resistance to UV & atmospheric conditions

Trubuild CFP 425 is available in the following packaging:
500 gm
1 Kg

  • Internal & external plastered brick masonry, wall cracks of up to 5 mm width

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