Trubuild TCSR 555

TCSR 555 is a two component, solvent free epoxy system for repairing cracked and damaged concrete structures. It is used for bonding new structural concrete to old concrete, bricks, and steel components, as it gives excellent bonding properties with various construction surfaces.

Chemical Base Epoxy Resin
Physical State Viscous Liquid
Appearance Transparent
Color Colorless
EEW ASTM D-1652-11 170-190
Viscosity @25°C ASTM D-4402 500-1000 cps
Specific Gravity 1.15
Chemical Base Polyamide Hardener
Physical State Viscous Liquid
Appearance Transparent
Color Yellow
Amine Value IS 9162-1979 350-400
Viscosity @25°C ASTM D-4402 8000-12000 cps
Specific Gravity 0.98
Mixing Ratio 100:50:00
Mix Viscosity @35°C ASTM D 4402 500-1500 cps
Mix Viscosity @40°C ASTM D 4402 2000-3000 cps
Mix Density 1.12 gm/cc
Pot Life @ 30°C Visual 150-180 min in 100 gm mix
Pot Life @ 35°C Visual 100-130 min in 100 gm mix
Hardening Time 12-15 Hrs
Curing Time 24 Hrs
Application Temperature 10-35°C
Shore-D-Hardness ASTM D 2240 60-65
Compressive Strength (After 24 Hrs) ASTM C 597 45 N/mm2
Compressive Strength With Silica ASTM C 597 55 N/mm2
In 2:1:8 Ratio (after 7 day)
Lap Shear Strength (After 24 Hrs) 70-100 kg/cm2

Benefits of Trubuild TCSR 555 are -
It has excellent adhesion and strength on various construction substrates and is easy to apply due to low mix viscosity
It has very low shrinkage and high open time
Easy to apply
Free flowing
Moisture insensitive
High density ensures complete water displacement
High mechanical strength even after hardening under water

Trubuild TCSR 555 is available in the following packaging:
300 gm set
1.5 Kg set
7.5 Kg set

  • Excellent system for bonding of old to new concrete/mortar, repair old concrete structure and it can be extended further. It can be injected to seal damp & wet cracks more than 2mm by high-pressure injection and for better adhesion of concrete and steel.

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