Trubuild CFP 525

Crack Filling Powder
TRUBUILD CFP 525 (Crack Filling Powder) is a cement-based, polymer-modified powder material for filling cracks in plastered surfaces. It is composed of cement, select aggregates, polymer, and additives, which requires on-site addition of water only. Cracks filled with Trubuild CFP 525 enhance the subsequent painting's quality and life.

Appearance Visual Off White Powder
Colour Visual Off White
Setting Time 3:10
Bulk Density (g/cc) ASTM D 7481-18 1.44
Pot Life (minutes) ISO 13007-3-2010 20
Tack Free Time (minutes) ASTM C 679-2015 40
Dry Shrinkage (%) ASTM C 157-2017 0.002
Pull off Adhesion (N/mm2) ASTM D 7234-2021 0.44
Water Absorption @ 15 min - ml Karsten Tube 1.2
Water Absorption @ 30 min - ml Karsten Tube 3.6
Water Absorption @ 60 min - ml Karsten Tube 5.5
Water Absorption @ 4 Hrs - ml Karsten Tube 9.6
Mix Density (g/cc) 1.52

Benefits of Trubuild CFP 525 are -
Adhesion Strong adhesion to common building substrates
Easy to use - It is a do-it-yourself product & requires only onsite addition of water
Requires only addition of water on - site at the time of usage
As a surface leveller before painting it reduces paint consumption and increases the life of the paint making it economical

Trubuild CFP 525 is available in the following packaging:
1 Kg

  • To fill static cracks of 3 to 5 mm
  • To level undulation on unplastered or plastered ceilings and walls prior to painting
  • To provide smooth finish to brick, stone, and concrete

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