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Astral Trubuild: Elevating Excellence in Indian Construction Sector

Innovation drives Astral’s journey in the building materials industry. A symbol of trust, we have contributed to the real estate sector in the past 25 years with our pioneering products and services.

Trubuild, an Astral legacy, specializes in the waterproofing, tiling, and grouting sectors

Water seepage harms the structure of any construction as it leads to mold formation and internal damage; thereby, increasing cost. Moreover, below-par tile solutions result in gaps, leakage, compromising appeal and hygiene. Our comprehensive product range can overcome both problems and ensure safety as well as aesthetics.

Astral Trubuild: Your Quality Symbol

From waterproofing to tiling, our products are truly built to perform. Our advanced waterproofing range ensures endurance and safeguards surfaces at every part of construction while our tile adhesives and grouting solutions offer firm bonds and beauty.

For structures that stand the test of time, choose Astral Trubuild.

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